The Intruders

Under the Stairs

If you are feeling unnerved, if you have a sinking feeling that something is not right, take our advice, turn and run. Do not go back and investigate.

S2E14 Stories:

"La Posada" - What happens when great-great-granddaughter of one of America’s most famous ghosts goes looking for answers?

Find out more about the ghost and the life of Julia Staab in Hannah’s book American Ghost.

"You’re Gonna Get Scratched" - Alex, Ryan, and AJ break into an abandoned house… and realized the place was never truly vacated.

This story was produced by Josh Swartz and the rest of the team at Endless Thread. Endless Thread is a podcast from WBUR and Reddit that tells stories found on the so-called “front page of the internet.” The Endless Thread team includes Ben Brock Johnson, Amory Sivertson, Josh Swartz, and Paul Vaitkus. You can visit their website or subscribe to their show here for more.

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