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Glynn Washington - Host & Executive Producer, Spooked

The grandson of a seer, Spooked host Glynn Washington was born to a family haunted by ghosts. As a teenager, he witnessed his first exorcism — and began the process of whispering back to the shadows plaguing his nighttime. “I grew up feeling the veil between worlds was not as solid as I may have liked.”

A student of magic, Glynn has traveled the world in search of the mystic, the strange, and the divine. “I can’t explain everything I’ve seen.” Washington admits. “I keep wondering, what am I missing? That’s really what this show is all about.”

Spooked is a project of Snap Judgment.

Glynn Washington and Mark Ristich co-founded popular podcast and radio series Snap Judgment in July 2010. Snap Judgment airs weekly on over 400 public radio stations nationwide, and is downloaded over two million times every month. Washington and Ristich both serve as Executive Producers, electrifying audiences with Snap’s narrative-driven, cinematic, story experience. Learn more at