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Season 3

All of the newest episodes of Spooked Season III are now available on Luminary.

Season 2

The Night Whistler

Spooked Season 2 is coming to a close. But now that you’ve heard these stories, you can never unhear them. Our episodes may be done… for now… but the stories will haunt you for a very, very long time.

S2E15 Story:

"The Night Whistler" - Cheryl and her kids move into a new home, and notice a mysterious presence.  First they pretend it doesn’t exist. Then, they try to befriend it. And finally, they run from it.

Cheryl’s memoir is Hot Dog Wars, Family Skeletons, and a Ghost.

The Intruders

If you are feeling unnerved, if you have a sinking feeling that something is not right, take our advice, turn and run. Do not go back and investigate.

S2E14 Stories:

"La Posada" - What happens when great-great-granddaughter of one of America’s most famous ghosts goes looking for answers?

Find out more about the ghost and the life of Julia Staab in Hannah’s book American Ghost.

"You’re Gonna Get Scratched" - Alex, Ryan, and AJ break into an abandoned house… and realized the place was never truly vacated.

This story was produced by Josh Swartz and the rest of the team at Endless Thread. Endless Thread is a podcast from WBUR and Reddit that tells stories found on the so-called “front page of the internet.” The Endless Thread team includes Ben Brock Johnson, Amory Sivertson, Josh Swartz, and Paul Vaitkus. You can visit their website or subscribe to their show here for more.

Under the Stairs

If you are feeling unnerved, if you have a sinking feeling that something is not right, take our advice, turn and run. Do not go back and investigate.

S2E13 Stories:

"The Basement" - When one of Daniel’s kids started seeing ghosts, he was scared. When two of his kids started seeing ghosts, he was petrified.

"Under the Stairs" - Mido discovers that the former tenants of her apartment left some breadcrumbs behind.


Skagway is a tiny, remote town in Alaska. The population of living souls hovers around 1,000. And by all accounts, there maybe just as many souls stuck behind, haunting the place.

S2E12 Stories:

"Frances" - Cori suspects she’s got a second roommate who she can’t see, and who may very well be contacting her from beyond the veil.

"Lydia" - The wait staff at the Red Onion Saloon help uncover the sad story of their notorious ghost, Lydia.

Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 6.05.11 PM.png

Holy Ghost

When evil takes hold, some people duck and cover, some people run for their lives, but others pick up a cross and fight back.

S2E11 Stories:

"The Exorcism" - When Sara falls into a near-coma, her grandmother calls on a coven of witches to ward off the evil forces ensnaring her.

This story was produced by Katya Apekina and Sara Finnerty.

Katya Apekina is a writer. Her novel The Deeper the Water the Uglier the Fish is out Sep 18. You can find her other work or see about events on her website.Twitter: @katyaapekina Instagram: @katyaapekina

Sara Finnerty is a writer and the nonfiction editor at Entropy magazine. She lives in Los Angeles. Find her at and @sarafinn.

"The Healing" - Paul Templer almost died as a child, but he was saved by a seemingly magical woman. Now, he’s hoping to save someone very special to him from the same fate.

Ghost Town

Ghost Town

Turns out Snap’s home state is hella haunted.

S2E10 Stories:

"The Mine" - Gold miner Shannon Poe has been in a lot of scary situations. He’s run headlong towards a cougar, fallen out of trees, and been caught in a shootout. But nothing quite compares to what he experienced in an abandoned gold mine last fall.

"The Mission" - An empty old church. An open door. A sight no one will believe.

Jenni Prange Boran is a screenwriter living in Tacoma, WA. She is currently compiling a book of paranormal stories from her personal experiences. You can find her on Twitter at @jenprange.



Cover it with darkness, and night, and shadows, and lies… hush. But some secrets are like seeds. Welcome to the garden.

S2E9 Stories:

"Libby" - Jennifer and her daughter Taylor both know their family home is haunted… but they don’t want to share that secret, even with each other.

Thanks to Bells Atlas for sound design.

"No Voy a Tener Nietos" - Maria’s mother always wanted a son. And when Maria had a son, of her own, her mother didn’t get enough time with him. So when she died, she made sure to came back to be with her beloved nieto.

Something in the Walls

Something in the Walls

What happens when an uninvited guest makes their way into your home, and they won’t leave?

S2E8 Stories:

"The Visage" - A man is hired to do remodel work on a notorious haunted house. But something inside the house doesn’t want anything to change.

"Decorations" - Nic doesn’t know who keeps hanging paintings on his walls. All he knows is, something sinister is at work.

Smells Like Teen Spirits


They say that evil forces will sometimes prey on the smartest people in the room. That means, of course, the teenagers.

S2E7 Stories:

"The Mammoth Mountain Poltergeist" - When Tom Ross was a teenager, he took a ski vacation with his aunt and uncle. Little did he know, there was something waiting for them at the chalet.

Check out Jenny Ashford’s book, The Mammoth Mountain Poltergeist, which she wrote about Tom’s experience.

"The Moonshiner’s Daughter" - Growing up in rural Tennessee, Alex felt at ease, even though she and her dad were in the middle of nowhere. Until one day, when she saw a trespasser on their property.

The Perfect Tenant


You love the place. It smells like cookies. The landlady is a little crazy, but it’ll work out fine. Right?

S2E6 Stories:

"The Perfect Tenant" - Steven LaChance and his kids were starting over. They had a new house, and they were ready for a new beginning. The only thing was, their landlady was a bit… different.

Be sure to check out Steven’s book, The Uninvited, and find get more information about his work on his website,

"Ghosty" - Little kids say that they see scary things all the time: Monsters under the bed, clowns in the storm drains. And if their parents know better, they dismiss their kids’ claims. But when Ilda saw a ghost, she wasn’t playing pretend.

This piece comes to us from Mitchell Johnson.

37 Seconds


Stephanie Arnold is pregnant with her second child and she’s really excited. Until the premonitions begin.

S2E5 Story:

"37 Seconds" - Stephanie told her doctor that she was going to die before her pregnancy was over, and he wouldn’t listen. She told her husband, and he wouldn’t listen. She tried to tell her friends—they wouldn’t listen either. But she knew for sure that death was coming for her.

Be sure to check out Stephanie’s book, 37 Seconds.

Creepy Crawly


On Spooked, there are no cute woodland creatures—no bunnies, no doves, no kittens, no puppies. In this episode, hear stories about the animals at the bottom of the food chain: vermin.

S2E4 Stories:

"The Birds" - As a little boy in Richmond Virginia, raising pigeons, Ray Christian made a friend with the same hobby. But there was something mysterious about Ray’s new pal.

"The Taxidermist" - When Tracey started doing taxidermy, she assumed all her subjects would be dead. Until she met a squirrel who didn't seem quite right.

The Iron Gate.png


An American sniper shooter takes over an empty house in Baghdad and encounters the one threat he is powerless against.

S2E3 Story:

"The Iron Gate" - When Dallas Sanchez was stationed in Iraq, he saw danger every single day.  But one night on patrol, when his small kill team took over a house in Baghdad, an unseen force had a message for them: Get. Out.

Restless-Mr Smith-SQ.png


When a man dies, sometimes, his soul lingers behind. And it clings, not to a house, not to a grave, but to another person.

S2E2 Stories:

"Restless" - The Curse of Mr. Smith: Mr. Smith wasn’t dead yet, but that didn’t stop him from haunting Randi’s family home. And when he finally did die, things got a whole lot worse.

"The Angel of Death" - When Ron was working at Overbrook, one of New Jersey’s oldest and most notorious asylums, he knew the place was… off. Little did he know that he would see something there that would change his life forever.


The Wraith

Teresa can see dead people. And she’s not afraid… until she meets... HER.

S2E1 Story:

"The Wraith" - As a kid, Teresa could see dead people. Family members, friends. Until one day, she met a stranger who had come back from the other side with a message for her.

Teresa Moorleghen is the founder of Coastline Pilates in Santa Cruz. She still sees dead people.

Illustrations for Spooked Season II are courtesy of Sanaa Khan: @pencil.stabber. Our theme song is composed and performed by Pat Mesiti Miller.




We have come to the Final Act of Spooked. But don’t worry: we still want to believe. And we will be back.


S1E13 Stories: 

"Cowboy Ghost" - Valerie is lost in a snowstorm in rural Montana. She thinks she might not be able to get out, when she sees two headlights coming to her through the storm. Help is on the way - she hopes. Valerie’s story comes to us from the book Trucker Ghost Stories, edited by Annie Wilder.

"Flesh-Eating Bacteria" - An apprentice mortician spends his first night alone with a body and finds out how the dead can possess the living. A true story by the writer and performer Kyle Bowen. Kyle Bowen is a real life graduate of the San Francisco college of Mortuary Science, and has worked as a mortician for over 15 years. He now writes and performs in Chico, CA.

"Big Al" - Before he went to medical school, Don Clark worked with developmentally-delayed patients in a group home in Philly. That job opened his eyes, and challenged everything he believed about life, and death.



They are alone, wandering, calling out for something, someone, some place that used to be here.


S1E12 Stories: 

"Cat Scratch Fever" - A family moves to a new apartment, only to discover that they’re not the only ones living there.

"Invisible Children" - What happens when you spend your life savings on a dream house, and find out someone else’s family already lives there? Explore the full story in Kathleen Mcconnell’s book, Don’t Call Them Ghosts.

"Pastor’s Oil" - Glynn’s friend Jenny is sick. Up in her room, she’s shaking like there’s something inside of her. And Glynn is about to find out what.



Whatever you do, don’t answer the knocking at the door.


S1E11 Stories:

"Clown Zombie" – When a carnival in Mexico turns dark, young Oscar Mendoza finds out why he should not have laughed at the clowns.

This story first appeared on the podcast Real Ghost Stories Online. Check them out at

"Polaroid Phantom" – We’ve got a ghost story with photographic evidence. See the pics for yourself:; more pics here.



It's a forgotten name whispered under your breath, an accident, that you can not take back… the summoning.


S1E10 Stories:

"Spirit on the Board" – A group of kids conjure a spirit while using a Ouija board. They can’t tell if he’s good or evil. This story comes to us from Andrea C.K., a Snap listener.

"The Seance" – When friends get together for a little fun, things get real, fast. To hear the original full-length version that first appeared on KCRW’s UnFictional, check out their webpage.

"Dollhouse" – Ali came home one night after foot surgery and was shocked. Her grandmother was waiting in the living room with a gift – a dollhouse. Check out Ali Standish’s website, Facebook, and Twitter.



Ever feel like there is something in the water? Something sinister, something dark, something more powerful than you?



"Devil’s Water" – Attempting to dig the family well in rural Michigan, Glynn's family comes up dry – until Daddy cuts a deal with the Devil.

"Hot Water" – What’s really out there, waiting for you in the dark? Three college girls went camping in New Mexico to relax. What they found will terrify you.


The Black Rose

It grows in the light of the moon and never dies.


S1E8 Stories:

"Great Aunt Rose" – When Christina McKenna’s cruel aunt comes back from the grave to make amends--she’s not sure if she can forgive. Read more about Christina’s childhood in Ireland in her book, My Mother Wore A Yellow Dress.

"Unicorn Prince" – Every year, Maria's aunt bought her a doll for her doll collection. But this year, the doll is unlike any Maria has ever seen. This story comes to you from our Spooked listener Maria Serratore-Gunter.

Imaginary friend.jpg

A friend in the forest

On the edge of Ireland in the deep forest, a young boy makes a new friend that no one in town has seen for years.


S1E7 Stories:

"A Boy Named Thomas" – Shane Dunphy spent years working with kids as a social worker. He’d seen it all until he met a little boy named Gregory.

For more, get Shane Dunphy’s book The Boy They Tried to Hide.



We’re asking you not to blink, not to look away – but to come face to face with the shadow man.


S1E6 Stories:

"The Cage" – A woman buys a medieval jail… and tries to make it her home.

Read more in Vanessa Mitchell’s book, Spirits of the Cage: True Accounts of Living in a Haunted Medieval Prison, co-written with Richard Estep. Vanessa’s also written a second book, in her own words. Secrets of the Cage, which delves deeper into the history of the prison, comes out soon.

The Cage Medieval Prison is still up for sale. For direct inquiries, contact Vanessa.

Find out more about Vanessa Mitchell and The Cage on Twitter and Facebook.

"Phantom Border Agent" – When Rocky Elmore became a Border Patrol Agent along the US-Mexico border, he knew it would be a scary job… just not this scary.

For more stories be sure to check out Rocky’s book, Out On Foot: Nightly Patrols and Ghostly Tales of A U.S. Border Patrol Agent and his website.



If an entire village can become possessed, are you next?


S1E5 Stories:

"Indonesian Ghost Show" - When a TV crew shows up to film a ghost show their disrespect angers the gods.

Special thanks to Haryo Bhama, who was a producer on the popular Indonesian reality show, Masih Dunia Lain. Thanks, too, to Arzia Tivany Wargadiredja, who wrote an article for Vice about the show.

"Daikon" - Susan's dog Daikon kept giving signs that an intruder was haunting her old Victorian in New Orleans. Then one night in October, the intruder crossed the line.



How do you know you’re cursed? And if you find out that you are… how do you remove the spell?


S1E4 Story:

"La Bruja" - How do you remove a family curse? You have to call in la Bruja.

Nestor Gomez is a storyteller based in Chicago. You can find him on Twitter @soloyochapin and at his website.



There are some places where different worlds overlap. Welcome to the Borderlands.


S1E3 Stories:

"Border Boogeyman" - Back in the 90s, Rocky Elmore worked as a border patrol agent, just East of San Diego. He did night patrol—and out there, in the pitch black, he was never sure if he was completely alone. 

Be sure to check out Rocky’s book, Out on Foot: Nightly Patrols and Ghostly Tales of A U.S. Border Patrol Agent.

"The Seer" - The trouble began in Sri Lanka, when Chandra’s aunt woke up one day and couldn’t move her arms or legs. The doctors had no answers, but a mysterious priest led the family on a quest to find the truth beyond medical science.



There are good reasons in some places that the signs warn to stay on the path. On Spooked we ignore the warnings, jump the fence, peek through the keyhole and open up the dark closet.


S1E2 Stories: 

"Time Warp Saloon" - The neon sign blinks at the roadhouse bar. The jukebox plays an old tune as the bartender shouts, "Last Call." Just one more. Why not? What could it hurt?

This story came to Spooked from Jim Harold’s Campfire Podcast, hosted by Jim Harold, check it out at

"Love Letters" - Mark Spencer lived in the haunted house with the ghost of Ladell - and we are eternally grateful that he stuck around long enough to bring us his story.



There are times when you are supposedly all alone. And then you see her, him or it out of the corner of your eye… watching.


S1E1 Stories:

"Houdini’s Promise" - Can a pact between two brothers survive death?

"The Night Mother" - It’s the middle of the night. You’re not even 15, and you’re home alone with your little brother. You’re waiting for your mom to come home. What would happen if she didn’t make it?

Janet Larkin actually had several more encounters with the supernatural. Check out her book Surrounded By Ghosts.

"Voice In The Woods" - When the voice says "Stop" you stay perfectly still. And when the voice says "Run!" you had better run.

Illustrations for Spooked Season I are courtesy of Teo Ducot.