Holy Ghost

Holy Ghost

When evil takes hold, some people duck and cover, some people run for their lives, but others pick up a cross and fight back.

S2E11 Stories:

"The Exorcism" - When Sara falls into a near-coma, her grandmother calls on a coven of witches to ward off the evil forces ensnaring her.

This story was produced by Katya Apekina and Sara Finnerty.

Katya Apekina is a writer. Her novel The Deeper the Water the Uglier the Fish is out Sep 18. You can find her other work or see about events on her website.Twitter: @katyaapekina Instagram: @katyaapekina

Sara Finnerty is a writer and the nonfiction editor at Entropy magazine. She lives in Los Angeles. Find her at www.sarafinnerty.com and @sarafinn.

"The Healing" - Paul Templer almost died as a child, but he was saved by a seemingly magical woman. Now, he’s hoping to save someone very special to him from the same fate.


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