The Perfect Tenant

The Perfect Tenant.png

You love the place. It smells like cookies. The landlady is a little crazy, but it’ll work out fine. Right?

S2E6 Stories:

"The Perfect Tenant" - Steven LaChance and his kids were starting over. They had a new house, and they were ready for a new beginning. The only thing was, their landlady was a bit… different.

Be sure to check out Steven’s book, The Uninvited, and find get more information about his work on his website,

"Ghosty" - Little kids say that they see scary things all the time: Monsters under the bed, clowns in the storm drains. And if their parents know better, they dismiss their kids’ claims. But when Ilda saw a ghost, she wasn’t playing pretend.

This piece comes to us from Mitchell Johnson.


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